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Objectives of GEMS:

-Understanding the nature of our mission as 'people on the move’ and 'every Nation' as our Mission field. 

-To Encourage Business, tourism & diaspora as mission

-Acknowledge the realities of the new global mission works and fields.

-To be a panel for emerging missionaries to discuss and share their experiences and challenges

-To build bridges between missionaries and Ministries Globally 

-Defining Missions from All Nations To All Nations

–Mapping the New Mission Field and Focus of Immigrant Believers

–Serving as a Panel for Emerging Missionaries to Share their visions, experiences, and Challenges.

‘Taking the Gospel From All Nations To All Nations’

“The believers who were scattered went everywhere, preaching the message.”(Acts 8:4)

‘Our Mission as People On the Move’ (Acts 8:1-40)

The primary and most important activity of this vision is the Summit:

The purpose of every Summit is to bring together missionaries and mission-minded believers and institutions to share and strategize on their mission realities.


Every Summit will have Panels, Workshops, Testimonies, Festival, and Commissioning Sessions.


Panels: Participants discuss issues facing Emerging Missionaries locally and globally. 


Workshops: Deep analysis of issues and topics in small groups.


Testimonies: Emerging Missionaries and Veterans share their experiences and challenges. 


Parades: Visions Casting, Fields Mapping and Parades of Nations


Commissioning Sessions: Prayers and Benediction (Galatians 2:7-10)



 - Missionaries, Believers and Ministries from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and especially from emerging nations.

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