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Ambassadors for Christ Training Series

Raising An Army Of Ambassadors For Christ

Training Series

- Training series on Evangelism by unpacking our personal potentials (5Ts), by understanding the Gospel message, by personal storytelling, and by organizing events and mobilizing believers.


- Making disciples for Christ

- Restoring lives, igniting believers and training passionate ambassadors for Christ for the restoration of nations

Three kinds of evangelism: Personal, Festive, Invasive


Personal Evangelism

- Becoming an ambassador for Christ

- The Gospel message (Kerygma)

- 5Ts (Talents, Time, Treasury, Testimony, Technologies)

- How to tell your personal story

- ‘Make Evangelism my lifestyle’

- Relationship and contact-making, Icebreakers, asking questions

Festival for Evangelism

- Creating an attraction with cultural events to reach communities (villages, towns, cities, universities, camps)

- Talent shows, cultural & competitive activities, displays, and Humanitarian actions

- Open-air meetings

Invasion Evangelism

- Saturation presence of trained soul-winners in a specific area on specific dates & time. Until nobody says “I have never heard of Him”.

- Revival meetings in churches or planting new fellowships

- Youth Camps, Training centers

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