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Restoring Lives
Igniting Talen
Shaping Destinies


Welcome to the official website of Bishop EMMANUEL M. SONI

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Mission Trip

Our trip to Cucuta, Colombia where we served and shared the Gospel, trained pastors, and prayed for many. Especially many poor refugees (women, children, and the elderly) at the Colombia and Venezuela border. 

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The transformative power of faith has been profoundly evident in Colombia and around the world, as lives have been uplifted by the message of Christ's love. From spiritual healing to renewed hope, we have witnessed the Gospel's ability to positively impact communities in need.


However, none of this vital work would be possible without the compassionate generosity of supporters like you. As we prepare for further missions to spread this message of love, your financial contributions form the foundation that enables these life-changing journeys.

Join us in this sacred mission. 

Every donation, no matter the size, helps open another heart to the experience of God's unconditional love and grace. United in this higher purpose, we can continue making a profound difference in the lives of people across the globe. Your support empowers our ability to be ministers of hope, healing, and profound personal transformation through faith.

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Mission Trip

Our trip to Montes Claros, Brazil where we preached the Gospel, trained pastors, and prayed for those who were sick. Signs and Wonders followed and Jesus' name was glorified.