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Who is
Bishop Emmanuel 
Mukwenze Soni 

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An international motivational and charismatic speaker, Bishop Emmanuel Mukwenze Soni is a minister of positive faith and integral restoration. Having suffered from Down syndrome and many abuses in his childhood, Emmanuel is a passionate activist for vulnerable people.


His miraculous healing and conversion in 1978 sparkled a great revival in his native province of Bandundu in DR Congo. He believes that in Christ anything can be restored, and everyone has the mission to empower others, uplift, mend and rebuild the bruised and the broken, and make a positive impact in the world.

He is the visionary and the bishop of the Restoration Church and the co-founder with his spouse Astrid, of Soni Restoration Ministries International, a vast network of churches, ministries, and community development programs. He is the president of Restoration International Embassy.

Called to Restore lives, Ignite Talents and Shape Destinies through outreach, training, and coaching.
Dr Emmanuel Soni is a revivalist and an experienced leader on Mass Evangelism, on pastoral ministry and on apostolic missionary and leadership coaching.

Trained, mentored, and endorsed by world-renowned Evangelists and Apostles Archbishop Benson IDAHOSA and Dr. TL OSBORN.

He is an international Events Organizer and Strategist (Mass Evangelistic Festivals & Crusades, Revival Meetings, Leadership Conferences).

He is a Christ-centered Bible believer, an anointed speaker since his beginnings in the 1980s as a leader with Scripture Union and GBU/ IFES (French version of Intervarsity). He started his pastoral work in 1985 as one of the University Chaplains in the Congo (Africa). His outreach encompasses primitives (i.e. the Pygmies), students and faculty as well as Government officials.

As a man of faith and integrity, locally and elsewhere, he often ministers live and through the media with his wife, Pastor Astrid Soni, and their four children. He believes that nothing is impossible with God and in the name of Jesus Christ all things are possible: salvation, restoration, deliverance, sanctification, holiness, revival, healing, or miracles. Restoration in Christ is his message.

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